10 Steps You Must Take To Save Your Relationship After Cheating


One fundamentals of a good relationship is trust. When trust is broken, relationships can get broken too, In this article, we’re going to outline 10 steps to save a relationship after cheating.

One bad decision, one bad choice or what we call mistake… and the entire relationship comes crashing down, everything that’s been built gets destroyed. Maybe you were drunk and it was good to feel loved, wanted, sexy and alive… but never thought about the consequences.

What if the spouse finds out? what would that do to the marriage? Could you ever recover from the affair? Your spouse did find out and now your marriage is falling apart? You don’t know what to do?

How to Save Your Relationship After Cheating

1. Take Full Responsibility And Recognize It Was A Betrayal

Cheating is a betrayal and it is so difficult to recover from. It is hard to trust after experiencing a deep hurt. Your spouse or partner will feel the indiscretions for a long time and everything around will trigger the betrayal. Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love, tells us being on the receiving end of cheating could even cause the victim to experience post traumatic stress.

Cheating is a betrayal. … It involves the reveal of some information where things aren’t what they seemed. Your partner seems to be monogamous and then you find out he or she isn’t. The reveal of something like that can cause PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms. This is because you thought things were a certain way, and you thought your partner was a certain way, and suddenly the world has changed. He or she is not who you thought, and things aren’t as they seemed. Now that is in the case of major betrayal, where the reveal is so head-spinning, that the person’s brain can’t do anything other than re-sort that information.

Tatkin says these symptoms are generally manifested in the form of mood instability, nightmares or sleep problems, and obsessions revolving around who the cheater is or was. In addition, he says it’s important the perpetrator not push back against these emotions or punish his or her partner for feeling the way they do.

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