Best 10 Jobs That Allow You To Travel And Make Money.


1. An adventurous nanny.

Yep, It’s exactly what it sounds like. Do you love kids and adventure? why not try your hand as an adventure nanny?

Basically all you do is you play the role of nanny while on vacation with a, well, probably pretty wealthy family. Kids and adventure. Isn’t that Fun!

2. A trucker.

If being a nanny doesn’t suit you neither the fun time of adventure and kids, maybe something a little more like a blue collar will! When you’re a trucker, you get to drive all over the country, or maybe overseas, sometimes to interesting, beautiful, and sketchy places.

3. Travel nurse.

So similar to the adventurous nanny, a travel nurse plays the role of the nurse for a member of a family while they travel. Not only do you get paid to do your normal job, but you get to see the world too.

4. National park ranger.

This job I might go for first, lol! It’s a very difficult and involved job, but it’s an incredibly important job.

You help manage resorts, campgrounds, and gift shops, in state parks, but you also get to spend a ton of time in nature on the trails taking care of the parks and experiencing everything they have to offer.

5. Flight attendant.

Being a flight attendant is not an easy job, but you do get to travel all over the world and get to see various cities. Many flight attendants get started off paid more than minimum wage and a degree is not required for the most part.

6. Cruise ship worker.

Cruise lines are always looking to hire new employees, mostly low-experience jobs like cooks and laundry staff.

There are other roles too, if you are a fitness instructor, a musician, or a  beauty specialist, It’s the perfect job to see the world and work in customer hospitality.

7. A roadie.

To be a roadie, you’ll live on the highway full-time to the danger zone 24/7. It may not be a good band, but musicians are always looking for tech savvy people to take care of setting up and tearing down their equipment.

8. Digital Nomads.

A Digital Nomad is someone who works from their computer. This makes them travel and locate independently. As long as they have access to the wifi/internet, they can earn a living. Digital nomads are free to travel at will, working from coffee shops, hotels, or coworking spaces.

Examples: Online business, freelance writing, trading, social media, etc.

9. Travel Blogging.

People who travel a lot while making money as a blogger is a dream job for many others. But like most things in life, it’s hardly simple. Earning a living with a travel blog can be really hard — and can take a few years.

However, a travel blog isn’t the only option. As you have other examples that include food bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers. Income generally comes from the time you put into advertising, affiliate marketing, selling products, influencer projects, etc. But first, you need to build an audience that would be interested in what you do!

10. Teach English Abroad.

You are an English speaker? Perfect! English teachers are highly sought after around the world — and the pay can be decent and make you a living. You can get jobs teaching overseas, or even teaching classes online from your computer from around the world.

For the online jobs (basically teaching through Skype) a college degree is required, and for the foreign-based jobs, a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is also required (these jobs include accommodation too).