How Dangerous is 5G? How Worried Should You Be!

New generations of cell phones and smartphones seem to come out every year, promising faster speeds and connectivity for all. But what about the dangers of being so connected?

Early in 2019 several companies began to roll out their new 5G cellular services in major cities across the US. These quiet roll outs served as test beds for a host of new 5g cell phones, as well as ways to stress test the technology itself.

And as happens with any new technology, some people immediately started freaking out and the internet was there to happily help them run wild with rumors and conspiracy theories about the dangers of 5g.

So what’s really going on with 5g? Is it going to cook our brains and kill us? How dangerous is 5g?

In today’s video we are looking into how dangerous is 5G and letting you know everything there is about the future of your cellular service, the technology and gadgets behind it and the risks involved.