Indepth Guide To Take Cold Showers, Even If You Dont Like Cold Water


So lets begin, first and foremost i’d like to say that i dont got any scientific claims for the benefits of taking cold showers, just my own experiences and many others.

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed myself:

  • A surge of energy hitting you and staying with you for a few hours.
  • Tighter skin in face making it look shinier/better/more attractive.
  • Comfort challenging.
  • Opening up your breathing pathways, making you breath deeper which also helps deepen your voice.
  • Wakes you up in the morning or relaxes you at night, when the body get cold water on its muscles they contract and your body goes into a small chock. In the morning the chock wakes your sleepy muscles up and in the evening it relaxes them when they have been active all day.
  • Feeling powerful, nothing beats the feeling of just owning the moment and be there when all your body is telling you to get out.

Now there are many many more benefits but these are the ones ive noticed myself and had most value of, also I dont want to post any benefits that I’m not 100% sure of like fat loss or testosterone boosting.

So here is how I have taken cold showers and how i’d recommend to take them.

First time:

Start with hot water but find a temperature lower than you normally shower in but that is still comfortable for you. Wet yourself fully in this water for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds you change to ice cold water for 10 seconds. Yes it will be pain the first times however you do. Then you switch back to normal temperature for 30 seconds and then cold water for 10 seconds. Do this for 3-4 sets.

What I have found is that cold showers are easier if you are already wet, even if that wetness comes from hot water, splashing cold water on dry skin is way harder imo.

Next time and continuing cold showers:

Okay some symbols: NW=normal water temperature, the one you normally like to shower in.

CW= cold water temperature.

NWT= cold water time, time spent under cold water.

CWT- cold water time.

Lower your NW a bit from the first time and also lower your NWT while increasing your CWT.

Might be normal water=25 seconds, cold water 15 seconds, all for 3-4 sets.

Then you keep doing this until the time you spend under normal water is very low and the time you spend under cold water increases, also since you lower the NW each time you will eventually be in a cold shower for the entire time since NW goes closer and closer to CW.

After 2 months of cold showers your routine might look something like this:

NWT: 5 seconds, CWT: 1 min 30 seconds, for a set of 4.

Then lastly your NW wont exist anymore and you only have CW.

Play around with the variables try different things that make it harder and harder each time.

I’d recommend taking cold showers 4 times a week to everyday or just when you really need to take one, incase of urges etc.

That was all, hope you guys enjoy your day, And don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it