On that tragic afternoon two violent volcanic explosions shook the island of Stromboli, causing a panic among the population and among tourists. Starting at 2.46 pm, there was a veritable paroxysm that affected the central-southern area of ​​the crater terrace where the Stromboli mouths open, at about 800 meters above sea level.

The two distinct explosions occurred within a short distance of time but both with destructive effects on the surrounding territory.

The repercussions of what happened will not be easy to deal with. A little less than a week from that hell of fire continues the work of citizens and volunteers to clean up the streets and alleys. In particular in the hamlet of Ginostra, the smallest of the island, reachable only by sea.

Naturally, there is a ban on excursions above 400 meters, while the experts of the Volcanology Institute keep the attention threshold high. But why did the violent eruption happen and what could be the dangers for the future?