Top 10 Dubai Culture And Tradition You Should Know


10 Dubai Culture And Tradition :
Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the world’s most exciting, rapidly changing cities. Packed with soaring skyscrapers, chic shopping malls and luxury resorts, both offer a surfeit of hedonistic pleasures and futuristic style.

Although modern developments inevitably hog the headlines, both cities – Dubai especially have an older and much more traditional side.

So here is top 10 Dubai and abu dhabi culture and tradition tou should know before you visit it.

1. Falconry

 In the past, falcons were used by Bedu to capture small birds and hares. Today, Emirati men still train their falcons daily. Some desert resorts and safaris have falconry displays.

2. Traditional Dress

Women wear a black abaya (a cloak-like dress) and a black shayla (scarf) to cover their hair. Men wear a white dishdasha (robe) and a white or checked gutra (head scarf) with a black agal (cord) to hold it in place.

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